How I Killed a guy A True Story.

I wrote this post a few years back for another blog, I was still employed at the place I am talking about so I had to use an Alias. I no longer work at this place so Please Enjoy! The whole mess started on a regular workday—computer, phone, cubicle, all that. I had a new … Continue reading

Amazing Shadow Art.

I have been at a lost for words lately, as well as very busy so I figured I will hit it up with a visual Blog post. Enjoy some of this phenomenal Shadow art I’ve come across on the interwebs.

The 2009 HangOver Awards!

We have all had our share of hangovers, those nights when we get way to drunk we swear to ourselves that we will never drink again. Well Recently I got this sweet email from one of my Best Buds with a collection of images of people who have had one too many. I hope you … Continue reading

New York Post Cartoon

All I have got to say about this is “Wake up and smell the Coffee!!”. Maybe all these annoying discussions about us living in a Post Racial world, and their not being a NEED for black history month will stop now. Yes Racism in America is alive and well. Maybe this cartoon was a good … Continue reading


on the Federal Reserve If the Federal Reserve is not run by the Federal Government, then why is it called the “Federal” Reserve? Most people have no idea that the Federal Reserve is in fact owned and operated by private banks and individuals with a shit pot of money. We as a people hear the … Continue reading


              Monique is a 13 year old girl from the streets of the South Bronx, like many girls her age from the area she attends public school. She comes from a household plagued with domestic violence, everyday in her life is a constant battle. On the block she is ridiculed for not having the latest … Continue reading