Monique is a 13 year old girl from the streets of the South Bronx, like many girls her age from the area she attends public school. She comes from a household plagued with domestic violence, everyday in her life is a constant battle. On the block she is ridiculed for not having the latest sneakers, or cellphone at home its physical abuse as well as verbal.

She decides to move in with her grandmother and escape the craziness that is her house. On the way to her grandmothers house at around 5 in the afternoon Delicious pulls up next to her and tells her how beautiful she is and ask where she is going. Monique not getting this attention at home feels flattered that a grown up will show some interest in her making her feel special and loved in a matter a minutes.

This is the parental love she was missing at home she is getting it shot straight up her veins and is now in euphoria, Delicious snatches her off the street and pulls her into his car. She is now locked in a mysterious place where he Rapes her and breaks her down mentally and physically where she is just a slave to his every desire.

In a matter of 4 days Monique is forced to have sex with over 30 men, her mother to busy  doing drugs never bothered to call Monique’s grandmother to tell her she was heading her way and she goes un-missed. On day 5 she is caught with a “John” and sentenced to 30 days in prison. Even though she could not legally consent to sex she is being sent to jail for prostitution, while the real crime is being ignored. Poor Monique has been put through the system without a real chance to be a kid.

Delicious has no intention’s of bailing her out and continues on the prowl for more young women.  This is why I Say FUCK THE PIMP GAME!!!!

The Average age of a prostitute in the United States is between the Age of 12-14, For all you “johns” out their supporting this industry keep that in mind. These little girls are broken down before they can become women.
“Women are the foundation of life itself, if you cant Respect that then you are not a MAN”


3 thoughts on “FUCK THE PIMP GAME!!!

  1. Word up man. Great article. It’s a sad story, and oh so true. Our children’s lives and futures are in OUR hands. If we kick them to the curb, what are we creating for ourselves? For our future? We need to teach and protect our young saplings. So they can grow to be strong treee’s with many branches to help protect their young saplings.

  2. We should form a pimp beating posy and roam the streets fucking up pimps. Let’s burn this mutha fucka down!

    For real though, very nice post. Well written and heart breaking. Fuck the pimp game.

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